Regarding our new update this is following BILLING that compatible with our incoming new gamecp update:

Billing system is RF Online billing system that related with Premium Service, Item Mall Credit called Cash or well known also as Cash Point (CP) or Cash Coin (CC) and their logs.

Our supported BILLING SYSTEM:
RU Nation Code

Consist of below tables:
dbo_tbl_billing (Serial, UserID, Cash, BillingType & EndDate)
dbo_tbl_cashlogerr (userid, character, pscode, quantity, server, scode, price, dcrate, Date & status)
dbo.tbl_cashlogrf (userid, character, pscode, quantity, server, scode, price, dcrate, Date & status)

Consist of below stored procedures:

Server Compatibility:
Not tested on server files 2.1.6 or below
Tested on standard server files 2.2.3 BSB and GU/GA

Due there are many variants of billing system we only use the majority what people use.

Supported on our new gamecp features:
-there is donate credit that works automatically with paypal and skrill (BCA & Mandiri Indonesian Bank with cronjob/crontab)
-there is donate cash using credit
-there is donate premium service using credit or cash
-there is manage premium service
-there is manage cash
-bug solved by reduce username on new gamecp registration page min 4 characters max 12 characters (not supported on gamecp v2)
-bug solved by new gamecp registration all username using lower case characters so there is no duplication registered same account with variation of small/big case characters ex: no longer allow admin01 with ADmin01 and recognized as already registered as admin01 (not supported on gamecp v2)

Clean BILLING back up files download:
>>Please download by click here 120kb<<

How to use it:
-Download billing & unrar it
-Restore it as your BILLING on your MSSQL
-Change all billing nation code to RU
-give user database permission write & read
-Change your .ini billing data credential and rfacc.ini with this new billing system

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