– Version –

  1. New registration page with user e-mail confirmation. Simply backup the old gamecp_register.php if you do not want to upgrade this.
  2. Fixed the force item codes (you need to manually update your database, codes can be found in the tools/ folder)
  3. Changed players list to only list the top 50 players, this is to reduce database load.
  4. Added the ability to toggle if the user must log in at least once in-game in order to log into the Game CP.
  5. Added a security check for all include files to ensure that defined(“COMMON_INITIATED”) is defined so it cannot be accessed via a web browser
  6. Re-designed the super admin configuration page.
  7. Removed/Disabled the legacy “Manage Credits” module (this will be brought back with instructions on how to setup the in-game cash shop in a future version of the game cp v2 releases)
  8. Added hooks for the user donations page
  9. Renamed all “Buy Now” to “Donate Now”
  10. Improved pagination initial load performance (improved total results count)
  11. (BETA) PHP 5.3.x support with SQLSRV extension (required http://ca2.php.net/manual/en/book.sqlsrv.php). This is in testing and is not fully supported. We do not know the performance implications using this method of getting PHP 5.3 support.
  12. Started work on making the Game CP v2 fully translatable (more to come on this). To create your own translations, create a file in the /gamecp/includes/language/ folder (e.g.  lang_fr.xml) and follow the XML format given in lang_en.xml as an example.You can start translating your Game CP even without the full translations ready yet (to get ready for when they are available) by simply adding translations of current sentences in the Game CP to your lang_X.xml file.e.g. <string key=”Welcome %s to the Game Control Panel”>Bienvenue %s pour le panneau de configuration du jeu</string>


— Version —

  1. Updated/fixed the copyright to the proper http://intrepidweb.ath.cx url
  2. Fixed the duplicate UNIQUE ID problem when players were buying items from the Item Shop, now it uses the ItemCharge method to add items
  3. Added a new “chip wars” section, chip war stats and etc will be displayed

— Version —

  1. Formerly known as
  2. Released. Please contact me via email (or use my contact from on my website) to get a new license if you still have a active 2.x license. I will also provide you with the new files!
  3. Fixed not being able to mass-ban people in guilds

— Version (now known as —

  1. Fixed blank results for User Information & Character Look up (Reported by FreedomRF)
  2. Fixed file header versions that read v2.1.6.6
  3. Added warning/note to the RAR comment field:
    * When uploading your files, MAKE SURE YOU ARE UPLOADING using the BINARY METHOD! Most FTP clients are set to “automatic”, so you MUST change it to “Binary”!
  4. Added the “latest development logs” to the version check area
  5. Fixed a bug which prevented user points from being updated in the Manage Users area (Reported by FreedomRF)
  6. Fixed a bug that prevent category sort order from not being able to get updated
  7. Fixed a bug which resulted in no results returned for legitimate banned users in the Manage Bans (Reported by FreedomRF)
  8. Fixed a bug in the User Information area that prevent users from being looked up (Reported by FreedomRF)
  9. Fixed a bug in the User Information area with the mass banning process
  10. Fixed a user donation bug which prevented data from being sent to the PayPal IPN page (Reported by FreedomRF)
  11. Added extra security and logging to the PayPal IPN for invalid data
  12. Added the ability to hide/show the game cp version to the public at the bottom of all pages (* Requires database update)
  13. Removed the Bank Edit feature; I’ll see about adding it back in at v3
  14. Fixed bank search feature, was unable to look up any users bank (Reported by FreedomRF)
  15. Fixed User Information not working with some servers (Reported by RF United)
  16. Fixed User Ban List which had incorrect dates for non-US servers (Reported by RF United)
  17. Fixed PayPal IPN for payments that used NON-USD currency which caused the amount to be returned as $0 (Reported by RF United)
  18. Added CSS to the ionCube license error messages
  19. Added Game CP DB config table updates to the main RF_GameCP.sql file
  20. Fixed the give item character name look up bug
  21. Fixed being unable to search item codes in the Inventory Search feature
  22. Removed (php 5.3.x even though it is not supported) function set_magic_quotes_runtime and replaced it with a die() if magic quotes is enabled
  23. Fixed being unable to search item coeds in the Bank Search feature
  24. Removed the legacy file support_bank.php (was never used, not sure why it was still there)
  25. Fixed being unable to search bank passwords in User Information (Reported by FreedomRF)
  26. Fixed being unable to see bank passwords in User Information (Reported by FreedomRF)
  27. Beautified the setup error/warning/notice messages you get when receiving a customized game cp error/warning/notice
  28.  Added convert points to money/gold feature (Requires DB update!)

— Version —

1. Released:
2. New license file structure (all files need to be replaced, as always)
3. Security fixes applied to many files
4. Added currency setting for PayPal payment method (can be changed from the default USD, requires DB update!)
5. Added mass-account ban option to the User Information section
6. Added the ability to add automatically generated item log links for your game cp (requires DB update!)
7. Added a link from the character lookup accounts to the user information page
8. Added optional support for enabling re-captcha on login (to get a key, visit http://www.recaptcha.net)
9. Moved ban reasons from Database to config.php (requires config.php update!)
10. Added guild listing
11. Added in-active guild deletion method (however make sure you do a server reboot on guild deletion as guilds are cached by the server!)
12. Removed legacy combine eles
13. Fixed license expire warning
14. Added give item
— Version —

1. Released:

1. Upcoming:
2. Fixed character edit bug with the class problem (causing Waiting for server…) (Reported by SimplyRF)

1. Upcoming:
2. Added several new security checks

— Version —

1. Released:
2. Added checks to ensure rented time doesn’t exceed 1 year and rented amount doesn’t exceed 99
3. Fixed characters below lvl 30 being unable to class up after their characters were edited using the Character Edit feature (Reported by SimplyRF)
4. Added checks to ensure that gold/max cannot exceed their limits (M:2000000000, G:500000)

1. Upcoming:
2. Fixed change password error, kept saying “old password” was incorrect for 2.2.3 servers (Reported by SimplyRF)
3. Fixed UMTs showing up as “unknown item” even though proper code was provided (Reported by SimplyRF)

1. Upcoming:
2. Fixed “force revers” not being able to add to players inventories and the item shop (Reported by RFBeast)
3. Fixed codes for revers, they were incorrectly listed in the Items List (Reported by SimplyRF & BrazenGaming)
4. Bank edit bug is being worked on, for now it has been disabled! (Reported by SimplyRF & BrazenGaming)
5. Fixed typoes of Belleto to Bellato in Item Shop and Mange Item Shop

— Version —

1. Released:
2. BETA PT Points displayed in Edit Character (Admin). Points are NOT updatable yet!

1. Upcoming:
2. Fixed typo in Item Shop for allowed race, “Belleto” (Reported Brazen-Gaming)
3. (TEMP) Fixed Character Edit causing players characters to get “Character Selection Error” or “Waiting for server…” (Reported by Steven. R)
4. Fixed character search “undefined” function for some servers (using strlen() instead of mb_strlen())

1. Upcoming:
2. Fixed inventory item names not showing up when item code typed. Quick fix is to go into the header.html template, re-name admin_itemedit to admin_edit_inventory (Reported by Remy)
— Version —

1. Released: (delete all old files and re-upload fresh!)
2. Added Ammo, Ring and Amulet search to the Equipment Search feature
3. Added SQL Debug to the Manager Credits feature
4. Fixed errors and cleaned up Support Logout Logs (Reported by Remy)
5. Changed default Ban Period to 999 for permanent bans!

1. Upcoming:
2. Added the ability to edit the Dalant & Gold for each race of the account in the Bank Editor
3. Added new explanations in the Character Edit section for a select few fields
4. Added debug settings to the character look up section
5. Added a check in the ‘Change Character Name’ to display the form only if the account has characters on it
6. Added new (security) check for character name changes
7. Renamed definitions.php to definitions.php.edit so that it does not get replaced every new patch
8. Added a check for the ban period to ensure it is not too large which bugs some servers

1. Upcoming:
2. Added Elven and Dungeon 03 to the Maps List in Character Edit
3. Fixed and changed the order of the Classes in the Character Edit, made it a bit more “understandable” (Reported by GearX1)

1. Upcoming:
2. Fixed “View More” talic images not displaying in the Account Info page (Reported by Wingy)
3. Fixed username & password allowing – as an “allowed” character, even though it is no Alphanumeric. Changes in Registration and Login!

1. Upcoming:
2. Fixed undefined menu array when no categories are found in Manage Items & Manage Categories
3. Fixed undefined prepend when no categories are found in Manage Items & Manage Categories
4. Fixed incorrect path of the talics folder from includes/images/talics2/ to includes/images/talics/ in several scripts (i.e. Item Shop) (Reported by Remy)
5. Removed and renamed script itemedit to edit_inventory
6. Removed and renamed script characteredit to edit_character
7. Added new Edit Bank – Allows the administrator to edit the bank of any account (i.e. Gold,Dalant,Items)
8. Added Bank Dalant, Gold editable in Edit Character
9. Re-shuffled the display order and categories of the Menu. Below is the new order:
[Image: gamecp2156_menu.png]
10. Discontinued support for support_userban.php/User Ban Check (useless right now!)
11. Added “Extra Information” to the “Index” page of the Game CP for users
— Version —

1. Upcoming:
2. Fixed undefined menu array when no categories are found in Manage Items & Manage Categories
3. Fixed undefined prepend when no categories are found in Manage Items & Manage Categories
4. Fixed incorrect path of the talics folder from includes/images/talics2/ to includes/images/talics/ in several scripts (i.e. Item Shop)
5. Removed and renamed script itemedit to edit_inventory
6. Removed and renamed script characteredit to edit_character
7. Added new Edit Bank – Allows the administrator to edit the bank of any account (i.e. Gold,Dalant,Items)
8. Re-shuffled the display order and categories of the Menu. Below is the new order:
9. Discontinued support for support_userban.php/User Ban Check (useless right now!)
10. Added “Extra Information” to the “Index” page of the Game CP for users

— Version —

1. Released:

1. Upcoming:
2. Fixed time stamp appearing as Last Connect Time in Character Look Up
3. Fixed talic images in Inventory Search and Bank Search. New order of talic number is made!
— Version —

1. Released:
2. Fixed issue in Rented Item that kept asking the user to Log Off their Game Accounts (Reported by GearX1)
3. Improved redeem logs for Item Shop & Rented items (including Manage Item and User Redeem Logs)
4. Added NEW “custom amount” feature. Allows the users to select their “custom” amount of an item purchase if enabled
5. Fixed “max security accounts”, a typo was causing it not to work. (Reported by Alexa)

1. Upcoming:
2. Fixed redeem log issue in rented items (Reported by Steven R.)
3. Fixed “Add/Edit” items error (page not found) in Manage Rented Items (Reported by Steven R.)

1. Upcoming:
2. Fixed character edit 2nd class always being Bell Warrior
3. Fixed invalid link to Last Connect Time

— Version —

1. Released:
2. Fixed memory leak in Character Edit
3. Added 1st,2nd,3rd and base class to Character Look Up
4. Possible fix for MAU Keys being disabled issue on Item/Inventory Edit
5. Fixed issue in Account Info where “Change Gender” was not showing up (Works now when you click View More) (Reported by Alexa)
6. Fixed Start & End ban dates for Linux servers in (All) User Ban List

1. Upcoming:
2. Fixed a typo for “Purchase GP (PayPal)” (Reported by Steven R.)
3. Fixed Server Status Chart not appearing (Reported by Steven R.)
4. Fixed convert_tbls_new error (Reported by rfbeast)

— Version —

1. Released:
2. Fixed issue with bonus formula not working (since
3. Improved Check Game CP Version and added license expiration date
4. Fixed issues in version not adding decimals when providing a download link
5. New notification will be displayed to super admins onlu one week before license is about to expire. This will show up in RED at the bottom of the game cp page (where the current game cp ver is given)
6. New tools folder has been aded, this contains the old method of adding files to the RF_ItemsDB. The .bak file will not work if you don’t use MSSQL Server 2008! Ensure that you only upload the tools folder when needed and then remove after use!

— Version —

1. Released:
2. Fixed blank page bug from 2.1.5
3. Fixed a few memory leaks when logging in

— Version 2.1.5 —

1. Released: 2.1.5
2. New re-constructed Rented items Page. Now you can flexibly add/remove and price your rented items. PLEASE RUN 2.1.4Patch3_to_2.1.5.sql TO ENSURE THAT THE NEW RENTED ITEMS WORKS!
3. For 2.2.3, new /gamecp/includes/main/definitions.php file. Please edit this file and change the TBL_LUACCOUNT definition to the proper/new LUAccount table name (i.e. tbl_rfaccount)
4. Fixed a small layout issue in Manage Bans
5. Added extra checks to make sure that the cache folder exists, is readable and is writable!


1. Upcoming: 2.1.5
2. Fixed cache issues with all banned users list (please delete and re-create /gamecp/includes/cache/)
3. Updated Super Admin Permissions page, new layout
4. Improved Item Inventory search, a bit quicker load times and new Upgrade search feature (you can search for specific upgrades on your server)
5. Added Items_DB MSSQL Backup that can be easily restored with the latest items

— Version 2.1.4Patch4 —

1. Upcoming: 2.1.4Patch4
2. Re-did the change password module, it should now be “bug free” as well as report better error msgs to users
3. If you failed to upgrade your ItemDB correctly. Please do this. Delete your current raw_tables/ folder and replace it with a FRESH copy of the raw_tables/ folder from the .RAR package (of 2.1.4Patch4) this will solve any issues you may have had!

1. Upcoming: 2.1.4Patch4
2. Added MaxLevel, LossExp, and Exp to the Character Edit Admin Section
3. Fixed “free” or “0″ GP item bug. You can NOW set them to 0 GP if need be!
— Version 2.1.4Patch3 —

1. Released: 2.1.4Patch3
2. Fixed issue with Account Information/Support Desk not working
— Version 2.1.4Patch2 —

1. Released: 2.1.4Patch2
2. Fixed linux issue with User Information search. Any more issues with Linux please email me!
3. Fixed issue with MAU keys not working after Item Edit…
4. New items added to RF_ItemsDB
5. New auto-updater has been created for the Items DB, please read the file: 2.1.4Patch1_to_2.1.4Patch2.txt. OLD METHOD STILL WORKS!
6. Changed the way the Monsters List works, needs the new items for it to work!
7. Moved Item list under Support
8. Moved Monsters List under Support

1. Upcoming: 2.1.4Patch2
2. Fixed 0 credits issue with FIRST buy option values.

— Version 2.1.4Patch1 —

1. Released: 2.1.4Patch1 (Highly recommended to upgrade!)
2. Fixed issue with pagination listings
3. Fixed issue with the item shop, “No characters found” error

— Version 2.1.4 —

1. Released: 2.1.4 (Highly recommended to upgrade!)
2. Fixed variable conflict in super admin config
3. Fixed memory issues with MSSQL, 50% less memory is now used. Loading speeds are still good Big Grin
4. Deleted the file, /includes/user_changeaccountname.php, NO LONGER SUPPORTED
5. New SQL query to be run to allow LEVEL 50 and ABOVE, ANIMUS, to be added to the Item Shop. Steps
[EDIT] /Database_SQLs/2.1.3Patch2_to_2.1.4.sql
[CHANGE IF] You get a constraint error, uncomment the “DROP” and “ALTER” for the constraints. If you do not get any error, leave it!
6. Fixed possible issues on some servers with the admin_support_desk.php
7. * Restart MSSQL server once upgraded


1. Upcoming: 2.1.3Patch3
2. Fixed possible exploit in the Item Shop with redeeming items

1. Upcoming: 2.1.3Patch3
2. Fixed “end date” in user ban list, now displays the proper date, instead of time-stamp

1. Upcoming: 2.1.3Patch3
2. Fixed for document_root and request_uri on IIS (undefined)
3. Fixed redeem entry log for rented items
4. Fixed spelling mistake in “security” max ips per account, SQL

— Version 2.1.3Patch2 —

1. Released: 2.1.3Patch2
2. Fixed mau issue when using the Item Edit feature
3. Fixed mining tool issue with Item Edit
4. Removed auto-create of BillCrux entries, will be re-coded and added back later

v2.1.3Patch1 to v2.1.3Patch2:
- [RUN] /Database SQLs/2.1.3Patch1_to_2.1.2Patch2.sql [Max accounts per ip]
- [RENAME] /raw_tables/UNmannedMiner.sql -> /raw_tables/MiningTool.sql
- [RUN] convert_tbls.php
- [RUN] /processed_tables/table_code_miningtool.sql in your MSSQL Management Studio
— Version 2.1.3Patch1 —

1. Released: 2.1.3Patch1
2. Better handling of large data, now it should be able to load it all!


1. Upcoming: 2.1.3Patch1
2. Fixed vote bug exploit

1. Upcoming: 2.1.3Patch1
2. Fixed MAU keys disappearing when using the Item Edit

1. Development on version 3.0 begins

— Version 2.1.3 —

2. Several SQL Injects have been sealed off
3. Improved over all security of the script
4. Added new checks for global variables, get, post and cookie vars

1. Upcoming: 2.1.3
2. New chat ban option added to the Manage bans

1. Upcoming: 2.1.3
2. Fixed naming issue in redeem logs for “deleted” or “unknown” items
3. Added redeem logs for rented items
4. More SQL injection checks added
5. Added automatic banning for PayPal reversals
6. New 2.2.1 Items have been added to the Items DB

1. Upcoming: 2.1.3
2. New improvements to the user ban list
3. New SQL Injection measures added
4. Several minor bug fixes


— Version 2.1.2Patch1 —

1. Released: 2.1.2Patch1
3. Fixed conversion of all ID’s to varchar (they weren’t converted before, not sure why!)
4. Fixed errors on “empty” search for monsters list
5. Fixed conversion of ID, Hint answer and etc to varchar in Support Desk

1. Upcoming: 2.1.2Patch1
2. Added the ability to change map location to the Character Edit (new MapByID function)

1. Upcoming: 2.1.2Patch1
2. Super-admins now cannot be banned from the Game CP!

1. Upcoming: 2.1.2Patch1
2. Fixed a vote exploit, allowed users to vote non-stop!

1. Upcoming: 2.1.2Patch1 [IMPORTANT]
2. Fixed google checkout’s “permission issue”
3. Re-designed the menu generation, now uses a cache system!
4. Fixed memory allocation bug (wow memory bugs in php, Sad)

1. Upcoming: 2.1.2Patch1
2. Fixed spelling mistake in All User Ban List
3. Removed figure guard auto-bans (2.1.6) from the all user banlist

1. Upcoming: 2.1.2Patch1
2. Fixed Item Edit bug where item gets replaced by another

— Version 2.1.2 —

1. Released: 2.1.2
2. Google Checkout has been added as a payment option
3. When using google check out, please stop all access to googleerror.log and googlemessage.log, I have not disabled it. For apache use this:
<FilesMatch “^\googleerror.log”>
Order allow,deny
Deny from all
Satisfy All

<FilesMatch “^\googlemessage.log”>
Order allow,deny
Deny from all
Satisfy All

1. Upcoming: 2.1.2
2. Fixed major issue with PayPal donation when users buys points for another player and it sends it to an incorrect player
3. Fixed “No talic” issue in manage items

1. Upcoming: 2.1.2
2. Fixed manage items (shop) division bug

1. Upcoming: 2.1.2
2. Added the ability to set your OWN bonus formula for the Item Shop

— Version 2.1.1 —
# 2.1.1 STABLE made Public

— Version 2.1.0 —
# *NEW* super admin permissions created (uses database)
# Navigation menu modified to use new permissions
# All pages changed to use the new permissions
# Fixed the donations (buying game points) center, improved its look
# Moved all config.php variables into the database, for easy access and editing
# Renamed RF_DonationsDB to RF_GameCP (database name change)
# Removed “user2″ function
# Converting donationsdb to gamecpdb
# *NEW* database configuration manager for the new super admins
# Changed special GP for character, acccount and gender change to obtain the data fron the database
# Item Search renamed to Inventory Search (PLEASE DELETE support_itemsearch.php)
# *NEW* Equipment Search support feature. Allows a user to search a characters “equipped” items
# Improving the over all look of all the pages, using more CSS!
# Fixed player list “last pages” no-level, and incorrect race bug
# *NEW* Beta “Bank item search”
# Fixed gamepoints bug due to rename of gamepoints to gamecp_gamepoints (gamecp.php)
# Fixed unknown “ID” error in all files
# Added “No user/item found” for Inventory and Equipment searches
# *NEW* gamecp_common.php has been created. Will be used for a quick and easy include for all files.
# *NEW* User Account Information
1. Race and “more options” added
2. Improved “delete character” (now asks for confirmation)
3. Improved change “gender”
4. Added more information like Dalant, Gold, PvP Points
5. Now users can see their equipped items
# Now using “jQuery” for all game cp ajax
# More template changes for vBulletin
# Fixed “error loading paypal.com” bug for some users (due to usage of SSL, now made optional!)
# Added number_format() to PVP Points & Time played in Players List
# Super Admins can now see user passwords in the support desk
# Added page name to <title></title>
# New user_itemshop.php created (NEW Listing!)
# New donation system is being made
# New “manage items” created
# Add item function created
# Edit item function created
# Delete item function created
# Added talic upgrades to item shop list
# Buying items function created
# Added new security (makes sure user is logged off when buying items)
# Improved redeem logs
# New user_items_redeemed.php created
# Item Shop category management created
# Now completely stand-alone! A default template with styling is already build, but can be customized
# Fixed paypal_ipn.php nothing was working, was still on the old system
# Fixed user_donations.php, removed class=”text” because for some odd reason, that class had display: none
# Fixed invalid data supplied error in the item shop
# FIxed $mssql['donations'] change to $mssql['gamecp']
# Fixed “login session not saving” error
# Fixed “buy game points for another user” error, now gets correct data and actually works!
# Fixed minor notice and warning in pages: gamecp_register.php, support_charlookup.php, functions.php
# Fixed user_registration.php “donation db” bug
# Fixed wrong ‘information’ for equipment lookup (head swapped with lower)
# New delete method for items. Now all items are put in a “delete state” rather than physical deletion
# Redeem logs will now show a log of physical deleted items and in “delete-state” items
# New manage users for game points added!
# Fixed “character name change” bug [Thanks to RF Illusions for the report]
# Added jquery.js (missing file) [Thanks to RF Illusions for the report]
# Fixed “character edit” causing players not “NOT” be able to “LEVEL” [Thanks to RF Equilibrium]
# Fixed “support user name change” bugs
# Fixed out-standing issues with rented jades
# RENAMED /gamecp/ to /includes/ (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DELETE /gamecp/)
# RENAMED /gamecp/gamecp/ to /includes/main/ (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DELETE /gamecp/includes/)
# Added error checking for duplicate users in Super Admin Permissions
# Added error checking to make sure user has characters when donating
# Added error checking for ‘once needed’ login into the launcher (in order to create UserAccount data!)
# Fixed warnings, notices and minor errors in: Monster list, User Ban List (all), Bank Items, Combine, Log out logs, and new accounts
# Temporary fix to the “change account name” (looking to delete this, very unsafe!)
# BETA: Online/Offline for users in the player list NOW WORKS!
# Added sub category (super sub * x supported also) for the Item Shop
# Manage item changed (temp way of selecting categories right now!)
# Added user “order by” option for the item shop
# Centralized the login check to the gamecp_common.php
# Created a new header.html and footer.html that is included automatically for all pages
# New rf_votescript.html has been created
# New security improvements for the user login (sha1 is now used with salt)
# More checks added to ensure that a security_salt is set!
# More security checks to make sure data from the cookies matches user logged in!
# Fixed a major security flaw in the login system regarding the Navigation
# Disabled the “auto-version checker” for the up-coming releases (due to problems communicating with the external server on some machines)
# Improved the vote for gp (still no IP checks, might not add that, don’t see the need!)
# Added check for “duplicate” E-Mails for the Game CP Registration
# Changed user_points (table: gamecp_gamepoints) from INT to REAL
# Added “vote logs” (converted points from INT to REAL)
# “real” support for Vote for GP – Users can now get 0 > points < 1
# Changed “redeem logs” price values and total gp to real
# Fixed “no log out logs found” bug showing up even though logs are listed
# Added new “Admin Redeem Logs”
# Fixed redeem log pagination bug (was not getting new data!)
# Added admin vote logs (basic, no search yet)
# Added the ability to get “item images” from local /includes/images/items/ folder by item code
# Added “Item Group” sort method, sorts by database (or item) code (ASC/DESC)
# Changed “account” name fetch from tbl_base to tbl_UserAccount in admin_vote_logs.php (why was it from base in the first place!)
# Improved look in the “offline/online” icons
# Fixed “duplicate entries” in PLAYER LIST bug. Again… -.-
# “Sort and order” settings now saved and selected on each visit to the Item Shop
# Added inventory search support for specific “amounts”
# Fixed blank item names when no brackets were present in database names
# Added auto selection of race is database item name contains race tags
# Added auto-redirect to edited items category after a successful edit
# Created new ‘item redeem logs’ for admins
# New vote logs created for admins
# New “SMTP” feature for the password recovery (using phpMailer classes!)
# Fixed: Players who were logged on for an hour or greater could buy Item Shop Items while being logged in
# Fixed category select list, created a new function to display categories and their subs
# Fixed displaying of categories in manage_items, now uses the same format as user_item_shop.php
# Added better error checking in Item Shop for characters (make sure a user cannot buy if race character does not exist)
# *NEW* Re-designed and improved Account Ban Management
# Added the ability to edit a account ban
# Added the ability to delete an account ban
# Fixed the character name change logs, they now actually log…
# Added the ability to search redeem logs
# Added logging to “super admin logins”
# Fixed minor bugs in support_desk.php
# Added vote sites manager

— Version 2.0.10 and below —

1. Released version 2.0.10a
2. 2.0.10a will be the last 2.0.x release for the Game CP
3. 2.1.x is being worked on. Here is what will be the main changes, and first changes, for 2.1.x.

1. New installer system to “easily” install the Game CP
2. New permissions system to “easily” add new users and give them specific permissions
3. Store some configuration information into the database, makes it easier to edit
4. Create a stand-alone copy of the Game CP, no need for a “forum” to have it installed
5. Re-write the donation system, so that it will be easier to add items and categories

1. Upcoming Version 2.0.10a
2. Fixed font-color bug with item combination (Thanks to Morine for reporting)
3. Fixed table bug for User Ban Check (Support)
4. Fixed Server Status, numbers actually work now
1. Version 2.0.10
2. Added new version checker file; For this you must either replace all files or– add the new admin_versionchecker.php and replace the gamecp/includes/functions.php (that needs to be updated too!)

1. Released Version 2.0.10 (PLEASE UPDATE ALL FILES!)
2. Renamed: changecharname.php to user_changecharname.php (PLEASE DELETE changecharname.php)
3. Renamed: changeaccountname.php to user_changeaccountname.php (PLEASE DELETE changeaccountname.php)
4. Renamed: user_player_list.php to all_player_list.php (PLEASE DELETE user_player_list.php)
5. Renamed: user_serverstats.php to all_serverstats.php (PLEASE DELETE user_serverstats.php)
6. Renamed: user_userbanlist.php to all_userbanlist.php (PLEASE DELETE user_userbanlist.php)
7. Now displays all_*.php for non-logged in users
8. Created “Log into forums” as an “optional” security, default is off (0) (New variable in config.php: $security['require_forum_login'])
9. Fixed version not being displayed when logging in or out or in registration.php (thanks to Morine for reporting)
10. Improved heartbeat to intrepid-web.net
11. Added to character edit: PVP Points, Guild Serial, Total Min Played

1. Quick patch: http://www.intrepid-web.net/hosted/RF_GameCP_2.0.9aP1.rar
2. Fixed layout for phpBB
3. Fixed version checked for phpBB
4. Added game cp version for both vb and phpbb
5. Work-in-progress fix for the character edit, hopefully it helps prevent “character selection errors”

1. Version: 2.0.9a Released (A MUST UPDATE)
2. Security fixes in functions.php & gamecp.php
3. New version tracker

1. Version: next
2. New “User Edit” feature added for administrators. Allows the admin to edit a users level, class, race, gender, account serial, account and etc. See screenshots page.

1. Released: Version 2.0.9 (skipped 8d)
2. More cache upgrades, this is oddly done for now and not really….well using the cache abilities, but yea
3. Items search count cache, and new ‘count’ (to count rows) system added – should improve it a bit. I might just start caching numerical results too
4. Added vote.php variables to the CONFIG.PHP – IF YOU ARE RUNNING AN OLDER VERSION, MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE YOUR CONFIG.PHP – Javascript for this has NOT been provided yet!
5. Releasing this today
6. UPDATE Please re-download the v2.0.9 if you have already downloaded (4:48 PM EST Now), fixed the itemedit being the same thing as itemsearch and fixed the server status script

1. Upcoming: Version 2.0.8d
2. Rented Items fixed, was reading GameCP6x module – currently it only works for vBulletin, phpBB Patch soon to come
3. Functions.php changed, to help fix the rented items Big Grin
4. Small cache system added to ps_pagination.php in order to speed up queries. Now, only after every 60 minutes is the “count rows” activated
5. For the above, make a folder called cache/ in your /forum folder (chmod 775), no important data is stored, just a number!

1. Upcoming: Version 2.0.8d
2. Improved speeds for item search!

1. Released: Version 2.0.8c
2. Fixed “Use of undefined constant errorHandler” bug in gamecp_logout.php [phpBB] (Thanks to kewtrewt for reporting this)
3. Intrepid-Web.NET copyright added to the Game CP (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE)

1. Upcoming: Version 2.0.8c
2. Added player “class” to the players list (Thanks to Hami for providing the class name, code and id)

1. Upcoming: Version 2.0.8c
2. New “overall_header.add.txt” added to the phpBB Templates/ folder. Take the contents of this file, go to your overall header, find, <script type=”text/javascript” src=”{T_TEMPLATE_PATH}/forum_fn.js”></script> and add the contents of the file after.
3. Because of the above: Fixed ajax for Item Edit and [Show Content] for Mail Logs in phpBB3

1. Upcoming: Version 2.0.8c
2. Added a “error” checker to check to see if MSSQL is installed on the web server (Thanks to evilgenx for finding and helping me with this!)
3. Fixed duplicate directory in “delete” character link (Reported by evilgenx)

1. Version 2.0.8b
2. Fixed registration page, completely rebuilt with more added security
3. Fixed “new” accounts being showed up as “blocked” if the user had not logged into the game for the first time
4. config.php is renamed to config.php.edit so it does not replace your current on update! DELETE IF NOT USED!

1. Version 2.0.8a
2. Added the SQLs for the Mail Logs! (RF_WorldEP2.sql) Please make sure you change the “USE [DB Name]” to the RF_WorldDB of your server OR THIS WILL NOT WORK! Episode 2.1.x
3. Added the SQLs for the User Registration Logs. (RF_DonationsDB.sql) This is at the end of the file, if you already have the other tables, just run the last part ONLY! It uses the donation’s db, and is ONLY a creation of a new table
4. Added the SQLs for the User Name Changes Logs. (RF_DonationsDB.sql) Same as above
5. New layout updates for the phpBB Layout. Just update your CSS, nothing more.
6. Language pack FIX for the phpBB patch. This is NOT used at the moment, just created to avoid errors
7. Fixed black page issues with phpBB Login/Logout patch pages
8. Fixed include and black page bug with gamecp_registration.php for phpBB

1. New Monster List look up added (Thanks to Hami for providing the monster id/code/names)
2. Fixed Item List “title” and “look up user” changed to “look up items”
3. Version 2.0.8 Released

1. Upcoming version: 2.0.8
2. Fixed $REMOTE_ADDOR -> $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] for gamecp.php
3. Re-wrote the gamecp_login.php and gamecp_register.php added more security
4. Fixed phpBB3 $user->setup(), changed from ‘memberlist’ to ‘gamecp’
5. New rf_votescript.html template added for phpBB
6. Moved /talics/ into /gamecp/talics/
7. Updated vBulletin’s GameCP template – now works ‘decently’ with the default skin
8. Fixed serverstats and added a “page title” for it

1. Upcoming version: 2.0.8
2. Fixed phpBB re-declare bug of the phpbb nav function (Thanks for Briton for helping me test)
3. Fixed the duplicate table creation in RF_DonationsDB.sql (thanks for Briton for notifying me)
4. Removed the use of money_format(), now using number_format() much more efficient (Fixes issue with Donations)
5. Fixed $vbulletin-> function in phpBB patch, now uses $user->

1. New release: v2.0.7
2. [BETA] New patch/update for phpBB3 Support has been added. Now works well/decent at least with phpBB3 Big Grin
3. Fixed mysql() query bug in gamecp.php
4. Created a new error handler, errors now can be displayed on vBulletin forums too (will not just crash the page or set it to blank)
5. Added MSSQL table creation of: gamecp_log in the RF_DonationsDB.sql file

1. Fixed invalid configuration file includes for vote.php and gamecp_login.php (causing script to fail)
2. Fixed salt variable mis-spelt saly
3. Added a default value for the $module as an array to prevent errors when no variable is returned
4. Fixed the errors in gamecp_register.php that were caused by unchecked variables (isset)
5. Created a new folder named: generated (for libchart)
6. Added “generated” to the $dont_allow array in config.php

1. Fixed MSSQL query bugs in several admin scripts
2. Added the missing “rf_votescript” vBulletin Template

1. New admin “item edit” feature: Edit a players inventory, live, with just “GM item codes”
2. New admin “item search” feature: Search players inventories for specific items, or simply display all items in the players inventory. 100% accurate.
(Credits: Hami for getting the formula for the item code and exporting the item ids, codes and names)

1. New game cp logs added (logs all parts of the gamecp script)
2. Improved paypal IPN
3. New support features
4. New administrator features