The following steps are written based on these assumptions
- You have all the requirements stated in
- You have a working Game CP License

Setting up/Installing the Game CP

  1. Download the  Game CP
  2. Run the .SQL (from /gamecp/Database SQLs/) files in your Microsoft SQL Studio Manager. If you are NOT upgrading, do not run the upgrade .sql’s
  3. Extract/Upload the /gamecp/ folder to your /www/ or /htdocs/ folder (sometimes known as pub/ or /public_html_ folder
  4. Upload the gamecp_license.txt (obtaining by buying one from to /gamecp/
  5. Navigate to: /gamecp/includes/main/config.php.edit
  6. Open config.php.edit in a Text Editor
  7. Set the $admin['super_admin'] = ‘Admin’; value to your NORMAL game accounts username. This is the username you use to log in as a normal user to play the game.
  8. Configure the MSSQL Settings for each database (you may use any MSSQL Username, server, database and password as you like)
  9. Save these changes
  10. Rename config.php.edit to config.php
  11. Now navigate to your website
  12. Use the username you entered as a super admin to login
  13. You’re game cp is now installed!

Setting PHP to work with MSSQL

  1. Download ntwdblib.dll, place the extracted file into:
    C:\path_to_php\ntwdblib.dll (if it already exists, overwrite – make a backup)
  2. In your php.ini ensure that the php_mssql.dll extension has been enabled
  3. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  4. Login as an NT Administrator
  5. Right click on the first tree (one with the GREEN PLAY ICON)
  6. Select Properties
  7. Go to Security
  8. Check/Select “SQL Server and Windows Authentication” and Press OK
  9. Go to the “Security -> Logins” tree, right click Logins and select New Login…
  10. Create a new login with a password
  11. (Hopefully you already have you databases) Go to User Mapping
  12. Give the user db_reader and db_writer or whatever access you want for the proper databases (read/write needed!)
  13. Use this newly created user in your config.php for the Game CP