Method 1: MSSQL 2008 Server
- Go to MSSQL
- Right Click the MSSQL Server Name
- Hit Restore
- Set the database name as RF_ItemsDB
- Open the BACKUP FILE RF_ItemsDB_GameCP.bak (this is in your gamecp package /[DO NOT UPLOAD] Database SQLs/ folder)
- Check off the ItemsDB restoration data
- Hit OK! You are done!

Method 2: Convert Tables (NEW)
- Upload the folder /tools/raw_tables/ to your web server
- Upload the file /tools/convert_tbls_new.php to the same folder you uploaded the /raw_tables/ in the web server
- Edit the file: convert_tbls_new.php
- Change the MSSQL host,username and password (and database name if changed) to your MSSQL info
- Make sure your username has (at least temp) access to CREATE and DROP tables
- Visit and RUN IT! This may take a while!
- Once complete, delete the file convert_tbls_new.php and the folder /raw_tables/
- You may delete the new mssql user (if you created one) that you used for this script