Requirements for running Game Control Panel:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise (with all service pack upgrades) or greater
  • Apache 2.x or IIS web server installed (preferably Apache!)
  • PHP 5.2.X (does not support 5.3.x+ due to no php_mssql extension availability)
    As of Game CP v2.3.0.0, we have BETA support for PHP 5.3.X+ which requires php_sqlsrv to be available
  • php_mssql extension compiled/enabled with PHP
  • ionCube Loader installed with PHP (

PHP with MSSQL Notice!
Your Game CP does not necessarily have to be installed on the same server as your Microsoft SQL Server. The Game CP is capable of connecting to remote servers, however you have to ensure your configuration allows you to do so.

Please use the following script to do a test connection to a database on your server: