The all-in-one product to make your server fully functional. Full administrative support for server admins to manage their server along with a fully functional user control panel with a very popular Item Shop with an integrated “Vote for Points” system.


User Panel:

  • Registration: Allows a player to sign up to play your game!
  • Account Information: Allows the user to view the characters on their account with details such as, Item equipped, Race, Money, Gold, Class, Time played with and Level. It also allows you to change the characters gender (if applicable) and delete the character.
  • Change Character Name: Allows the user to change their character name if applicable and unique
  • Change Account Password: Allows the user to change their account password
  • Buy Rented Items: Allows the user to buy rented items like Separation Jades with different times (24, 144, 336, 820 hours)
  • Item Shop: An extensive shop that uses game points which users can purchase or vote to gain. Admins can add virtually any item from the game and it will instantly place the items in the users inventory when bought.
  • Item Redeem Logs: Allows the user to view his/her redeem/purchase history
  • Purchase Game Points Paypal And Google: Users can purchase game points with either PayPal or Google Checkout
  • Player List: Shows the top list of players on the server, sorted in order of highest to lowest PVP points.
  • Server Status: Shows the population stats of the server
  • Banned Users: Displays the top 50 latest banned users
  • Chip War Stats: Displays the total wins and losses for each race as well as individual win/loss for each CW time (full CW history)

Support Panel:

  • Bank Search: Support staff may search the bank inventory of any given user
  • Character Lookup: Staff may look up a character in the game which will provide them with several listings of information regarding the character, including account name and serial
  • Combine Elems: Character may combine the “blood brother elements” from a users inventory by entering their username
  • Equipment Search: Allows the staff member to search the users equipment (being wore) from their weapon, armor to their cape
  • Inventory Search: Allows the staff member to search for items in users inventory, either a specific item on a specific user or an item on the server in general
  • Logout Logs: Support staff can view the log out logs, containing the users ips and date logged off of any given account dating back to the start of the server
  • Name Changes: Staff can check the name change logs from the Game CP
  • New Accounts: Staff can view new account sign ups
  • Rented Items Log: Staff can view the rented items purchased by users
  • User Ban Check: Staff can check the ban logs to see which user is banned and for what reason, including the time period
  • User Information: This allows the staff member to look up a users account and get detailed information about the account, including sign up email and account serial

Admin Panel:

  • Configuration: Allows the super administrator(s) to configure the Game CP
  • Permissions: Super administrators can give users special access to support and admin pages
  • Character Edit: Edit the information of a character, like the map location, pvp points, money, class, and etc
  • Check vesion: Check for the latest Game CP Version
  • GM Accounts: View the online/offline as well as other information about GM Accounts
  • Items Edit: Add, remove, change or upgrade items in a users inventory
  • Items List: Get a list, find a code by searching for the code its self or the name of the item
  • Mail Logs: If setup correctly, can be used to view all logs of mail sent by player-to-player, including the items sent by mail
  • Manage Bans: Allows the staff member to add, edit, view and delete user account bans
  • Monster List: Allows the user to search for a monster code or a monster name
  • Vote Logs: Logs of users voting, including how many game points they gained and at what time
  • Vote Sites: Add, remove or edit sites that users can vote for in order to gain points
  • Manage Categories: Allows the staff member to manage Item Shop Categories
  • Manage Items: Allows the staff member to add,remove and delete Item Shop items
  • Manage Redeem Logs: Member can search for logs on a specific user or item, or view a general purchase log of items

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