We are RESELLER of related Game Online game guard, each have own UNIQUE and BENEFITS with price comparison

Game Guard Products

- Dev-corp, 6-months license $400 USD (Disc 10%)
- Dev-corp, 12-months license $600 USD (Disc 10%)
- Dev-corp, 6-months license renewal $400 USD (Disc 10%)
- Dev-corp, 12-months license renewal $500 USD (Disc 10%)
- Dev-corp, 12-months license and all complete modules $1,200 USD (Disc 10%)
- Dev-corp, 12-months license and three module (Module PvP capsules + Module Physical Defense & Module Chip War) $900 USD (Disc 10%)
We also open free consultation for any brand of game guard, we have 10 years experience on these stuffs from pre-sales, update to after-sales support

- If you using Gamesprotect.com from us and also using our Game Development service you will get many of our lower price modules (and some of them free for you) such us (Module Chip War Reward, Module Chip War HP, Module Drop-Spread-Style, Module Chat-no-sensor, Module Loot-speed-item, Module 3rd Job, Module Auto-kill-money-loot-solo-or-party and many more!)
- You will get extra discount if buy from us (we take care all business for you)
- Free Installation with game guard author both (we install it for you, save your time!)
- We get fastest support from them to report and acquire license

- Move / migration / change IP or change machine charge (cost) will be the same with author price
- Original author’s game module charge (cost) will be the same with their own price

PS: We already working many kind of game modules with gamesprotect


If you have further question please Skype me INTREPID.WEB or drop me an email to admin[at]intrepid-web.net or you can send me BRIEF DETAILS of your DEMAND so i can DECIDE which package/service is suitable for you, working days and cost!
We have few method of payments such as PayPal, Indonesia Bank Account BCA (using KlikBca Rates), Webmoney (WMZ) & Western Union.[ Please contact us for the Payment Account Details/Address ]

3 Responses to Purchase Game Guard Service

  1. Adiktuz says:


    I am currently using Gamesprotect that i bought from Victor. Do you have any modules that I can use? can you give me a list of your available modules and their price so I can check if it will be useful in my server?

    thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Adiktuz,
      What license type are you using?
      Do you have remotefix and serverfix on your guard?
      Thank you and have a good day

  2. Truffles says:

    do u guys accept payment on paypal?

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